The FA market, which has moved to a new nest by 68%, the largest ever, how will it affect the 2023 KBO league rankings?

In the 2023 FA, 23 out of 42 eligible players (including 2 Futures) were approved by the KBO on November 16 last year. And as of the 21st, two months later, 19 people have nested, but there is still no news of 4 people.

Even Hyungjong Lee, who was approved by Futures, found a new home with Kiwoom Heroes, and Seokhyun Han with NC Dinos, but Chanheon Jeong, Heedong Kwon, Myunggi Lee, and Riho Kang are still there.

The characteristics of the 2023 free agency are that since the free agency in 2000 (November 1999, to be exact), the most FA-approved players have come out and the most free agents have left the original team.

Pitcher Jin-Woo Song was the first free agent in the KBO League, and the first player to change teams as a free agent was pitcher Kang-Cheol Lee (currently coach of kt Wiz).

In 2000, Song Jin-woo signed a three-year contract with the original team, the Hanwha Eagles, for a total of 700 million won, and chose to remain. However, the second FA contract was Haitai Tigers (now KIA) ace Lee Kang-cheol, who transferred to the Samsung Lions for three years and a total of 800 million won. It was a shock at the time.

Since then, around 10 free agents have appeared every year, some of whom have stayed and some have moved teams.

The year that produced the most free agents so far was 2016, with 22. Because Kim Hyun-soo (then Doosan Bears) transferred to the Major League Baltimore Orioles, the actual number of free agents was 21.카지노사이트

Seven of them, including Park Seok-min (Samsung→NC), Jeong Woo-ram (SK→Hanwha) Yuhan-Jun (Nexen→kt) Son Seung-rak (Nexen→Lotte), moved to their seats, and Lee Seung-yeop (Samsung) Kim Tae-gyun (Hanwha) Oh Jae-won (Doosan) Lee Beom-ho (KIA) Son Seung-jun. All 14 free agents, including (Lotte), remained in the original team.

Afterwards, 19 free agents appeared in 2020, but only Ahn Chi-hong moved from KIA to Lotte with a total of 5.6 billion won in 2+2 years, and all the remaining 18 chose to remain. (Doosan → NC) Park Byeong-ho (Kiwoom → kt), Na Seong-beom (NC → KIA) Son A-seop (Lotte → NC) Heo Do-hwan (kt → LG), and six others found a new nest.

And among the 23 free agents in 2023, only 6 remained, and 13 players visited the new team. Excluding the four uncontracted players, 68% of the 2023 FAs are looking for other teams to form the most active transfer market.

Yang Eui-ji moved from NC to Doosan with a total of 15.2 billion won in 4+2 years, the highest free agency ever, Chae Eun-seong moved to Doosan for 6 years, 9 billion won in 6 years, and Yoo Kang-nam 8 billion won in 4 years from LG to Hanwha and Lotte. Park Dong-won (4 years, 6.5 billion won), Roh Jin-hyeok (4 years, 5 billion won), and Park Se-hyuk (4 years, 4.6 billion won) also moved. On the other hand, Park Min-woo signed the longest contract ever with the original team for 5+3 years and 14 billion won.

The purpose of retaining or recruiting free agents is clear. It is to achieve good results by maximizing team power.

Above all, in the 2023 FA, the catchers in charge of the team’s living room made a chain move. It is a position that is more important to the team than any other position.

Attention is focused on how the FA, which has made the largest move ever, will affect the team rankings in the 2023 season.

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