‘The Falling Wonder Goal’

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Let’s meet at Top Play, a cool wonder goal parade that will blow away the fatigue of the day.

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First, the Argentine League.

It’s a free kick from quite a distance.

Can you drink it right away?

This goes in!

Fantastic free kick that froze the goalkeeper!메이저놀이터

The trajectory of a falling ball is art.


This is the Bundesliga.

I gave it to the side and went in!

Werder Bremen Duksch’s amazing kick!

It sticks into corners with a beautiful trajectory.

After all, the goalkeeper had no choice but to watch.


Last is Munich.

The cross is coming up~ Just like this!


Komang’s stunning volley!

This is not the end.

Musiala who stirs up the opposing camp.

I drove the ball by myself and ran… In an

instant, five defenders joined, but I got through this!

This is unbelievable for a 19-year-old.

It’s been a top play so far.

Video editing: Jeong Seon-woo

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