‘The finish is just as important as the start of a career’

 Athletes should not neglect the finish as much as the start of their career. This is because fans remember the final image as strongly as the overall performance of the player.

SSG Landers Choo Shin-soo is facing public opinion at the end of his career. Choo Shin-soo, who is staying in the United States, appeared on a Korean radio broadcast in Texas on the 21st (Korean time) and revealed his beliefs about the KBO League, such as changing the generation of the national team and excluding Woo-jin Ahn, and his position on ‘eating the national team’, but ignored the public sentiment. being criticized

It has been four days since he made the remark, but public opinion of criticism is not fading. It’s free to say what you think, but it was careless and inappropriate in that a popular professional baseball player who lives off the love of fans spit out sensitive issues without sufficient deliberation.

Choo Shin-soo is regarded as a Korean who pioneered the major leagues along with Park Chan-ho. If Park Chan-ho rose to the top of the major leagues as a pitcher, Choo Shin-soo is the first Korean player to occupy the big leagues with a bat. He is sure to be a successful baseball player, as he has earned over $140 million in his career in the big leagues alone, including a seven-year, $130 million contract with the Texas Rangers.

He returned 20 years after leaving for the United States to finish his playing career in Korea. The SSG club took over SK Wyverns and announced the recruitment of Choo Shin-soo in 2021, who participated in the league. SSG, which is in fact a new club, needed an unprecedented surprise to appeal to fans as well as strengthening its power.안전놀이터

It is clear that Choo Shin-soo has exerted a good influence on and off the pitch since joining SSG. In the first year of joining the company, out of the annual salary of 2.7 billion won, he offered 1 billion won to be used for social contribution activities. It was also given as a gift. Choo Shin-soo has been active in helping the socially underprivileged and supporting youth and alma mater baseball.

It goes without saying that it gave a big boost to SSG’s power. Marking a batting average of 0.265 (122 hits in 461 bats), 21 home runs, 69 RBIs, 84 runs, and OPS 860 in 137 games in 2021, his first season as a member, he batted 0.259 (409 bats), 16 home runs, 58 RBIs in 112 games last year, Although he slowed down a bit with 77 points and an OPS of 812, he contributed to winning the Korean Series. At the moment of victory that he had never experienced in the major leagues, Choo Shin-soo shed tears.

Choo Shin-soo, who has mastered advanced baseball, is still a good example and teacher to his juniors. Here, Choo Shin-soo often appears on TV screens these days. Most of them are entertainment programs. There is also a program in which he appeared with Lee Dae-ho and Jung Geun-woo, with whom he played baseball as a child. This is also a welcome thing in terms of fan service.

There are not a few fans who are looking forward to playing for his hometown team, the Lotte Giants, but it is highly likely that this year or next year will be his last season for Choo Shin-soo. It is said that he is a different player at the exit stage. He can be applauded even for a quiet, non-flashy exit. It should be acknowledged and evaluated that Choo Shin-soo crossed the Pacific Ocean at the young age of 19, overcame numerous adversities, and continued his professional career with sincerity until he passed 40. This should be the memory fans will remember about Choo Shin-soo in the future.

Fans remember Park Chan-ho, the “conqueror of the major leagues,” as a player who did his best in the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games, 2006 WBC, and 2008 Beijing Olympic qualifying leagues and was kind to Hanwha Eagles fans. Fans also remember Lee Seung-yeop, ‘Asia’s Home Run King’, as a hero of many international competitions, including the Beijing Olympics, and as a humble gentleman on the field.

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