The illusion of being a ‘young gun in your 20s’ has been lifted… The outside of the well was cold and merciless.

The world of ‘Outside the Well’ was harsh. There was no protective shield, and there was no mercy. It made me look at reality again. As the fantasy toward Korea’s ‘young guns in their twenties’ was dispelled, they reconfirmed their illusions and bare faces.

Korean baseball confirmed the cold reality on the stage of the ‘2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC)’. South Korea lost 7-8 to Australia and suffered a 4-13 loss to archrival Japan. In the two games, the Korean mound gave up 21 runs. The average ERA reached 11.12 (21 earned runs in 17 innings). He has a mound record of 10 walks, 17 strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.94. 

The remaining way for Korea to advance to the quarterfinals after the mound collapsed is to win the remaining matches between the Czech Republic and China with the minimum number of goals and a large number of goals, and then the Czech Republic to play against Australia and win. You have to look at the probability of the number of rare cases. 

Immediate elimination is a problem, but it was confirmed that the KBO league clubs and fans cherished, protected and praised the prospects are extremely insignificant on the world stage. He struggled against the Australian hitters who were rated as one step below him, and was hesitant to throw his own ball at all against the Japanese hitters who had to fight back with spirit with the mindset of ‘nothing to lose’.

The average age of the 15 pitching staff of the national team is 27.1 years old. Following the 2008 Beijing Olympics (24.6 years old) and the 2000 Sydney Olympics (26.3 years old), the pitching team is the third youngest in history. Among the 15 pitching staff, 10 were in their 20s. It could be seen as meaning that the main focus of the national team is shifting to players in their early and mid-20s. Park Se-woong (28), Koo Chang-mo (26), Jung Woo-young (24), Jung Cheol-won (24), Go Woo-seok (25), Won Tae-in (23), Kim Yun-shik (23), Kwak Bin (24), Sohn Joon-jun (22), Lee Eui-ri ( 21) were all pitchers who received the most attention and led the team in the current league. 

Some raised questions about the generational change of the national team, but this time the national team was evaluated as a national team that took into account the generational change as a new structure was made more than ever. Since all the young guns in their 20s representing the KBO League were included, we were looking forward to their spirit. I believed that this tournament would be a great asset to Korean baseball in the future. 

However, as a result of opening the lid, it was difficult to find the spirit expected from young Koreans in their twenties. The ball that was shown in the KBO league was not visible at all. Because it was still March, it could be said that the condition was not improved, but that was true for all countries. Japanese pitchers have already thrown the ball in the condition of the regular season.  온라인카지노

Domestically, they were praised as the best. Hiding behind a fence and protected because of the ‘future’. However, the fence was removed and the young guns in their 20s who came out of the well faced reality, not fantasy, and it was confirmed that their activities were an illusion limited to Korea. 

Japan and the amateur infrastructure itself are said to be ‘overstepped’, but Korea was able to play a ‘5 to 5’ match without a gap at the top level of the national team in the past, but now it has been confirmed that the gap at the top level is also quite wide. 

While Korea still relied on Kim Gwang-hyun, who played an active part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and Yang Hyeon-jong, the ace of the 2010s, no successor has emerged to succeed them. On the other hand, Japan has Darvish Yu among Beijing members in 2008, but it is not a player base that completely relies on Darvish. New members such as Shohei Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Loki Sasaki, Shohei Togo, and Shota Imana are taking charge of the Japanese pitching staff. 

It was confirmed that just because the players have become younger, it cannot be said to be a generational change. The young guns in their 20s have not yet learned how to survive in the harsh reality that they faced after the fantasy was lifted. And now you can guess that this learning will take a long time.

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