The impression of the World Cup in Qatar conveyed by the ‘Gunryongpojwa’ that burst into a ‘teardrop’

The time of crying and laughing with the Qatar World Cup is passing. The ‘Taegeuk Warriors’ who ran the ground are returning to their teams one after another and starting to ‘quench’ for another performance, and the people are also returning to their daily lives.

Not only the players, but also the Red Devils and our cheering squad, called the ‘twelfth player’, played a big role in achieving the feat of advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup for the first time in 12 years. A large number of spectators also came to Qatar to cheer and energize the players.

This young man, who was caught on the broadcast screen every time there was a national team game, literally caught the attention of the whole nation. Wearing the royal robe worn by kings, they enthusiastically cheered. That’s why it even got the nickname ‘Gonryongpojwa’.

The appearance of ‘crying’ in the match against Portugal, which won a come-from-behind victory, also represented the hearts of the people. As they appear together whenever the goal scene is repeated, many people say that they have developed an ‘inner intimacy’. 스포츠토토

In an interview with JTBC, Park Gyu-tae of ‘Gonryongpojwa’ picked the goal against Portugal as the most memorable scene. Regarding the sobbing at the time, he said, “I don’t usually cry a lot, but as soon as I saw it, tears burst out.” Let’s watch the video of the impression he conveyed at that time.

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