The national team is my dream’ Choi Ji-man… “I’m close with Edmund too”

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Choi Ji-man, who is considered the first baseman for the WBC national team, left today to join his team.

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Choi Ji-man, who left Korea to complete rehabilitation after elbow surgery.

He reiterated his will to join the national team.

[Choi Ji-man/Pittsburgh]
“I was hungry because I had never worn the Taegeuk mark… (The Pittsburgh club) decided to check my physical condition and then (decision), so I’m waiting.”

He also expressed his anticipation for Edmund, whom he met as an opposing team during the season, to join the national team. 스포츠토토

[Choi Ji-man/Pittsburgh]
“(Edman) came to first base and said hello first, so in Korean… ‘Are you Korean?’ I didn’t know. I think we’ve gotten a little closer.”

Choi Ji-man, whose goal is to advance to the semi-finals held in the United States, expect a quick recovery.

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