The NBA will be held in Paris for the first time in 32 years… Chicago beat Detroit

 The Chicago Bulls defeated the Detroit Pistons in Paris, France, in the first NBA game in 32 years.

Chicago beat Detroit 126-108 in the 2022-23 NBA regular league game held at Accor Arena in Paris on the 20th (Korean time).

With this, Chicago ran 12 consecutive wins against Detroit, and the season record also became 21-24. Detroit, on the other hand, stayed at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with 12 wins and 36 losses.

The match was held in Paris as part of the NBA Secretariat’s Global Games. It has been 32 years since 1991 that an NBA regular league game has been played in Paris. Detroit’s staff even crossed the Atlantic to play home games in Paris, about 4,000 miles away. 카지노

With 15,885 spectators in attendance, Chicago held the lead throughout the game. At one point in the fourth quarter, the score was in single digits at 103-94, but Derma DeRozan and Jack LaVine started scoring and broke Detroit’s pursuit.

DeRozan scored 26 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, while Lavigne scored 30 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists to help the team win. Chicago showed even scoring power, with five players besides DeRozan and LaVine scoring double-digit points.

In Detroit, Bojan Bogdanovic scored 25 points, but could not prevent the team from losing. Cillian Hayes, who spent his childhood in France, recorded 4 points and 8 assists while playing around 31 minutes.

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