“The players’ efforts are buried”… Director Shin Tae-yong posted a rough play in Vietnam and was hit hard

“The players’ sweat and blood efforts should not be buried by the referee.”

Shin Tae-yong amid controversy over the 2022 Asian Football Federation (AFF) Mitsubishi Electric Cup semi-final match between Malaysia and Thailand due to an incomprehensible decision The coach also revealed his beliefs about the Mitsubishi Cup decision controversy.

In particular, coach Shin criticized indirectly by continuously posting videos of the Vietnamese national team’s rough play on his SNS.

Indonesia will play the second leg of the Mitsubishi Cup semifinal against Vietnam led by coach Park Hang-seo at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 9th at 9:30 pm (Korean time). 

The two teams drew 0-0 in the first leg held in Indonesia on the 6th. Therefore, the result of the second leg immediately determines the protagonist of the final.

Coach Shin Tae-yong said at a press conference before the game, “I came here to win. He will get the best result in this head-to-head against Vietnam,” he said, expressing his confidence in the second match. 

He not only expressed his determination for the game on the same day, but also expressed his opinion regarding the referee’s decision for Vietnamese players within the tournament. 

On the 8th, coach Shin shared three videos of Vietnam’s foul play that occurred during the Mitsubishi Cup on his SNS. 

In the video, a Vietnamese player seemed to step on the ankle of an opponent in the first leg of the semi-final against Indonesia. In addition, there was also a scene where a Vietnamese player collided head-on with an attacker chasing the ball during the defense process during the match against Malaysia in the group stage. 스포츠토토

However, there was no special action by the referee, so it seems that Shin was trying to criticize it.

Along with the video, coach Shin posted the phrase, “The players’ sweat and blood efforts should not be buried by the referee.” 

He added, “I think the referee and the players should play fair, and I hope this doesn’t happen anymore.”

During the semi-finals, coach Shin is fighting a fierce war of nerves with fellow Korean coach Park Hang-seo from Vietnam. 

In this Mitsubishi Cup semi-final, the controversy over the referee’s decision continues.

In the first leg of the semi-final between Malaysia and Thailand, there was a misjudgment regarding Malaysia’s goal.

During the first match between Malaysia and Thailand, Thailand’s goalkeeper Kitipong Putauchuek failed to handle the ball properly in the 10th minute free kick situation in the second half when Malaysia led 1-0 with Faisal Halim’s opening goal. The ball hit the Malaysian player’s head and crossed the goal line as it was, and seemed to be recognized as a goal. 

However, the goal was disallowed.

The referee did not declare a goal, ruling that the Malaysian player used an elbow on a Thai defender before the ball crossed the goal line. As a result of looking at the slow screen, it was Kitipong, the Thai goalkeeper, not the Malaysian player, who struck the head of the Thai defender. 

Coach Kim Pan-gon protested harshly, but the referee’s decision, which was a mistake, was upheld in this tournament without video review (VAR).

After the match, the Malaysian media heavily criticized the referee’s misjudgement.

When this story came out at a press conference the day before the second game, coach Shin and coach Park strongly criticized each other.

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