The precious 13 days given to an active national team coach who has been away for more than a month. “I will focus on the new face”

 Director Lee Kang-cheol has only 13 days to watch spring camp as KT Wiz coach. The rest have to leave KT and work for the country as World Baseball Classic coaches.

Coach Lee will lead the WBC national team from February 14th. After making an optimal lineup through training and practice games, they will start the WBC tournament starting with the match against Australia on March 9th. No matter how short it is, you should focus only on WBC for a month or 40 days if it is long. If coach Lee’s goal is to fly to the United States and make it to the semifinals and finals, there is a high possibility that he will enter the regular season without seeing KT’s demonstration games a few times. 스포츠토토

The 13th is very important for Lee. He plans to focus on the new figure for 13 days. Coach Lee knows the existing players well, so you can know the situation just by receiving a report from the coaching staff.

Director Lee said, “We will see KT until the 13th. We need to check new foreign pitchers and new players. We plan to check Kim Sang-soo, who was brought in as a free agent, and Lee Sang-ho, who was brought in as a free agent, until the 13th.”

KT recruited right-hander Bo Schulser instead of Audrey Samer Despine. In addition, five new players including Kim Jeong-woon, Kim Geon-woong (Lee Sang Pitcher), Son Min-seok, Ryu Hyeon-in, and Jung Joon-young (Lee Sang-beast) were included in this camp. Transfer students such as Kim Sang-soo, Lee Sang-ho, Jo Yi-hyeon, and Park Seon-woo were also included.

Coach Lee said, “I saw rookies at the Iksan finishing camp, but at the time they weren’t doing it with all their might. Now, to know what kind of player they are, we have to see them throw and hit with all their might.” The WBC national team also trains in the same place, so I think it will be okay because I can hear from the coaching staff.”

It is clear that there is a negative aspect in preparing for the season that the coach cannot directly see the training of his players. So did the director. Coach Lee said, “It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t worried. But since I decided to take charge of the national team, I will only focus on the national team while I’m in the national team.” We also need to create alternative selection resources in preparation for being selected,” he said, paying attention to his team’s preparation for the season.

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