The secret to the new history of the Bears winning streak after 41 years… The answer of ‘beginner director’ was the same as ‘7 consecutive years of KS master’

 “We have to go according to the natural order.”

On the 25th, a ‘new history’ was written for the Doosan Bears. In the Lotte Giants match held at Jamsil Stadium, he won 8-5 and won 11 consecutive wins.카지노

Doosan’s 11-game winning streak is the first since professional baseball was founded in 1982 under the name OB Bears.

The previous record was 10 consecutive wins. Coach Kim In-sik, who was called the “national coach,” achieved it for the first time in 2000, and in 2018, coach Kim Tae-hyung made the second 10-game winning streak in club history. Coach Taehyung Kim led the Korean Series for the first time in the KBO League for seven consecutive years from his appointment in 2015 to 2021.

Coach Lee became the first manager to win 11 consecutive wins with a win against Lotte on the 25th after succeeding in winning the Bears’ third 10-game winning streak against KIA in Gwangju on the 21st.

Coincidentally, the protagonist who wrote the history of the Bears watched Doosan’s 11th consecutive win that day. It was Commissioner Kim Tae-hyung who took the microphone as a commentator for a broadcasting company from this season.

Commissioner Kim said, “I was not conscious of the record at the time of winning streaks,” and recalled memories at the time, saying, “If you win 7 or 8 consecutive times, you may remember the record, but if you overdo it, the whole season may be shaken.”

One of the stories that Commissioner Kim talked about a lot when he took the Doosan baton was “as it is.” It meant that in the regular season, which should be viewed with a long breath, if an unreasonable number of wins was raised, the concept of the first half of the season could be completely shaken.

The director thought the same thing.

Even on the 25th, with 11 consecutive wins ahead, he said, “I don’t feel much. You have to think of it as a regular season game. You can’t risk everything for a game today.

One of the secrets Commissioner Kim picked was a solid starting team. At that time, Doosan’s five starters all achieved double-digit wins. Seth Franckoff (18 wins), Josh Lindblom (15 wins), Lee Yong-chan (15 wins), Yoo Hee-gwan (10 wins), and Lee Young-ha (10 wins) were solid starters.

Doosan’s winning streak began with the arrival of Brandon Waddell. This season, Doosan’s variables were full. Foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle came out only in May due to an injury suffered by a batted ball during spring camp. However, he was eventually released after complaining of elbow pain after playing in two games.

The replacement foreign pitcher is Brandon, who replaced Ariel Miranda last year. Brand had a respectable record last year with 5 wins and 3 losses with an ERA of 3.60 in 11 games, but he failed to renew his contract and was playing in the Taiwan league.

The brand from Taiwan has become even more powerful. He took center stage in the Doosan starting lineup as he recorded 3 wins and 1 loss with an average ERA of 0.87 in 5 games this season. Even on the 25th, even in poor form, he pitched scoreless, striking out nine in five innings. Coach Lee explained, “With Brandon coming, the pitching staff has become more structured.”

Commissioner Kim also recalled, “The pitching staff was really good in 2018,” and pointed out, “It’s really hard to hit the ball when Gwak Bin is good.

Although he wrote a new Bears history beyond Commissioner Kim’s record, manager Lee did not forget the courtesy towards the ‘senior manager’. Coach Lee said, “I haven’t been a manager for less than a year. I’m still lacking a lot,” and thanked coach Taehyung Kim, “When I came to the broadcast last time, I asked about the players and asked if there was anything I didn’t know about Doosan.” conveyed the heart.

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