The winner of the NHL last-place competition over the ‘genius’ Bedard is Chicago

 The destination of Conor Bedard (Canada), an 18-year-old prodigy ice hockey player who heated up the North American Ice Hockey League (NHL), has virtually been decided.

On the 9th (Korean time), the Chicago Blackhawks won the first overall pick at the NHL rookie draft nominations lottery event.

Currently in the midst of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NHL held a pick-up draw event for 16 teams not invited to the playoffs.

In order to prevent indiscriminate “tanking” (an operation that accepts regular league defeat in hopes of a top draft nomination), the NHL Draft grants a differential first-place winning probability according to the reverse order of regular season performance.

Chicago, which received an 11.5% chance of winning third from last season, beat the Anaheim Ducks (18.5%) and the Columbus Blue Jackets (13.5%) to pick the overall first pick.

Chicago, a prestigious team that won the Stanley Cup 6 times, declared a rebuild last season and is one of the teams that jumped into the ‘race to the bottom’ to acquire Bedard.

“To be honest, I’m speechless. This draft is going to be a landmark event, and the entire city of Chicago is looking forward to it,” said Chicago general manager Kyle Davidson.

Bedard led Canada’s victory by posting 23 attack points with 9 goals and 14 assists in 7 games at the International Ice Hockey Federation Under-20 World Championship held in January.

Bedard, who showed his talent early, joined the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League (WHL), the highest level North American junior ice hockey league in 2020, as the first choice.

In the first season, he warmed up lightly with 12 goals and 16 assists in 15 games, and filled 100 attack points with 51 goals and 49 assists in 62 games last season, and this season dominated the league with 143 attack points in 57 games, 71 goals and 72 assists. .메이저사이트

Bedard’s talent is evaluated at the level of Conor McDavid, who joined the Edmonton Oilers as the first overall pick in 2015 and has now emerged as the NHL’s top star.

Chicago is likely to pick Bedard in the NHL draft, which is scheduled to take place next month, if nothing goes wrong.

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