There is no discord’ SON ran to Perisic first and hugged ‘Inspiring Ceremony’

Son Heung-min (31) has often been rumored to have a ‘discord’ with Ivan Perisic (34, Tottenham) this season. Because they were on the left flank side by side, they had to work together often, and in this process, they often got annoyed with each other whenever their breathing didn’t match on the ground.

In the most recent North London derby against Arsenal, Son Heung-min and Perisic were caught showing displeasure towards each other. Son Heung-min passed the pass to Perisic, who was infiltrating, but Perisic was annoyed without even looking at the ball because the timing of the pass was late. Son Heung-min also expressed his dissatisfaction with Perishi.

It was even pointed out that wingback Perisic’s aggressive tendencies had a negative effect on Son Heung-min, so dissatisfaction with each other inevitably became a hot topic among fans. He also poured oil on the ‘discord’ between Son Heung-min and Perishi. 스포츠토토

The 2022-2023 FA Cup 4th round away match against Preston North End (Part 2) held in Preston Deepdale, England on the 29th (Korean time). So Heung-Min Son and Heung-Min Son’s ‘collaborative goal’ and Heung-Min Son, who ran to Perisic first and hugged him, were more meaningful.

Son Heung-min and Perisic jointly scored the team’s second goal in the 24th minute of the second half of the day. Perisic, who caught the ball near the penalty box, passed a pass to Son Heung-min, who was rushing to the goal, with his heel instead of shooting directly.

Perisic’s assist and Son Heung-min’s goal. The two are breathing closest to the left side, but this was the first time a joint goal came out.

Son Heung-min, who shook the net, was the first to run to Perisic, who handed him a sensuous pass, and embraced him. Perisic also hugged Son Heung-min and celebrated the joint goal. The embrace of the two, who had been plagued by rumors of discord throughout the season, was a scene that would impress Tottenham and Son Heung-min fans.

Not only this goal, but also in the 5th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min broke the recent goal silence with a cool left-footed mid-range shot. It has been 108 days since Son Heung-min scored a multi-goal since the UEFA Champions League against Frankfurt, Germany in October last year. With Son Heung-min’s multi-goal and newcomer Arnaut Danjuma’s key goal, Tottenham defeated Preston 3-0 and advanced to the fifth round.

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