‘Two wins in a row’ Haeundae Daegu FC, Masan Jungang FC, and Dunchonjung advance to the Round of 12

Busan Haeundae FC U15 and Gyeongnam Masan Jungang FC U15 won two consecutive matches in Group 1 of the 60th Cheongnyonggi National Middle School Football Tournament. The defending champions, Busan FC SAHA U15, recorded their first win of the tournament.

Haeundae FC and Masan Jungang FC from Group 1, along with Gyeongnam Treasure Island Namhae Sports Club U15 and Seoul Dunchonjung, won two consecutive matches in the second round of the Cheongnyonggi Tournament at Sports Park 1-3-4 and Hoehwa Sports Park in Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam on July 7 to advance to the round of 12 early.

In the three-team Group 6, FC SAHA and Seoul Gwanghwijung also advanced to the quarterfinals with wins over Busan West SC U15.

In Group 1, Haeundae FC and Masan Jungang FC used their superior strength to reach the round of 12 with ease. Haeundae FC demolished Busanjin SC U15 5-0. Starting with Park Bo-geun’s first goal in the 7th minute of the first half, Ahn Ki-hyop, Baek Chae-hyun, and Kim Do-hoon scored consecutive goals to lead 4-0 in the first half, and Baek Gun-woo’s wedge goal in the 26th minute of the second half sealed the victory. Masan Jungang FC also scored three second-half goals to dismiss Gyeonggi Cantare FC U15 3-0.

With two straight wins (6 points) and an identical goal differential (+7), the two teams will face off for first place in their final group match on Sept. 9.

In Group 2, Busan Gangseo FC U15 defeated Ulsan Hyojeongjoong 1-0 to move to the top of the group with a second straight win. Gangseo FC defended Kim Gun-hee’s goal in the 13th minute of the first half to take a commanding lead and advance to the Round of 12. Gangseo FC only needs a draw in their final group game against Suncheon FC U15 in Jeonnam to advance to the round of 12 on their own. Seoul’s Bae Jae-joong defeated Suncheon FC 2-1 to move to 1-1 (3 points).

In Group 3, Bomulseom Namhae secured six points with a 5-0 thrashing of Gyeongnam Yeoncho FC U15 to advance to the round of 16 early. Bomulseom Namhae striker Kim Jung-eum netted a hat trick with three goals. Busan Deokcheon SC U15 played to a goalless 0-0 draw with Seoul Gowonjoong for their second consecutive match (2 points). Advancement to the knockout rounds looks difficult as they must play their final match against group leader Treasure Island Namhae.

Top-seeded Seoul Dunchonjung also became the first team from Group 4 to reach the round of 12 with a 2-0 victory over Daegu Chargeuljung. Dunchon took an early lead with back-to-back goals from Lee Yoon-joon and Lee Hyun-ki in the first 10 minutes. Gyeongnam Changnyeong FC U15 defeated Gyeongnam Jinju FC U15 2-0 to improve to 3 points after one loss and keep their hopes of advancing alive.

In Group 5, Gyeongnam Goseong FC U15 defeated Daegu FC Cannon U15 by a whopping 12-0 scoreline. Leading 3-0 in the first half, Goseong FC scored nine goals in the second half alone to take the white flag from FC Cannon. Striker Jung Hee-jeong exploded for five goals, while Kang Jung-woo and Choi Joo-hyung added two goals apiece. With one win and one draw (4 points), Goseong FC moved to the top of Group 5.

Busan I-Park Football Academy U15 lost 0-4 to Jeonbuk Wanju FC U15, leaving them with one win and one draw (3 points) and no guarantee of qualifying for the round of 12. Wanju FC scored four goals in the second half, including a multi-goal performance from Ko Yun-hwan, to secure the win. Wanju FC finished second in the group with the same number of points as Goseong FC, but with a worse goal difference (+4, +12).먹튀검증

In Group 6, defending champion FC SAHA swept Western SC 3-0. Ban Yoon-eun led the way with a multi-goal performance. With their second straight loss, Western SC was eliminated from the group stage, while FC SAHA and Kwang Hee-joong, both with one win, advanced to the Round of 12. The two teams will meet for the top spot in the group in the final group match on September 9.

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