Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo criticizes “Jun Amano as the worst player ever”

Pro football manager Hong Myung-bo of Ulsan criticized Amano Jun, who broke his promise to stay and moved to Jeonbuk, as the worst player ever.

Jeonbuk, who heard of coach Hong’s complaint, responded by saying that they had only signed a contract with Jun Amano through normal procedures.

This is reporter Shin Soo-bin.


Jun Amano, who was loaned to Ulsan from Yokohama in the J-League last year, scored 9 goals at every turn and helped the team win the championship for the first time in 17 years.

However, at the end of last year, after making a verbal promise with manager Hong Myung-bo to extend the lease, he suddenly went to Jeonbuk, a rival team.

It is said that Amano chose to go to Jeonbuk after receiving 100,000 dollars, or about 120 million won, more than the annual salary he received in Ulsan.

Manager Hong criticized Jun Amano for breaking his promise and moving the team, saying he was the worst player ever.

[Soundbite] Hong Myeong-bo/Ulsan Hyundai Manager: “We really hate lying. (Amano) helped us a lot to do well, but in the end, we end up lying and leaving…”]

Honestly asking for money If he had, he would have accepted Amano’s request, and coach Hong expressed great disappointment 먹튀검증

. Will.”]

Regarding coach Hong’s criticism, Jeonbuk Hyundai respected Amano’s choice, saying that they were just following normal procedures. [ Soundbite

] Jun Amano/Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors : “I decided to join because I thought that winning in Ulsan and working hard to win another championship in another team would lead to my level-up.”]

Ulsan’s battle of nerves heated up even before the season began.

This is Subin Shin from KBS News.

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