“We can’t lose” Hanwha’s second team wins eight games in a row, twice…a new era of ‘firepower baseball’ begins

Hwasubun means a treasure house where riches keep on coming. In the KBO, teams that constantly develop good players have been labeled as “Hwasubun Baseball”. Starting with Doosan in the 2000s, Kiwoom and LG took over the title in the 2010s.카지노

The next team to make a splash is Hanwha. After a long dark period, Hanwha went on a 14-game winning streak last year, the longest in Futures League history, to win the Northern League title (63-33, .656 winning percentage). Riding the momentum, this year’s Hanwha Futures team is also on top of the North with 31 wins, 23 losses and one tie (winning percentage of .574).

Hanwha’s first team made headlines last month when it won eight straight games in 18 years, from the 21st against KIA in Daejeon to the 1st against Samsung Electronics in Daegu, but the Futures team has also won eight straight games, twice. The first eight-game winning streak began last month on April 4 against Samsung Electronics in Seosan and ended on April 16 against KT in Iksan, and the second eight-game winning streak began on April 23 against Doosan in Seosan. They will try to extend their winning streak to a season-high nine games against SSG in Seosan on the 21st, their first game after the All-Star break.

Although the Futures League focuses on development, there is no doubt that results are important. LG, which has advanced to the postseason for four consecutive years and is aiming to win the title this year, won the Northern League title for the second consecutive year in 2020 and 2021. From a futures team to a sustainable powerhouse. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about seeing LG in the Hanwha Futures.

The pitching staff, which has the second-best team ERA (4.00), has been steady, led by Jung Yi-hwang, who threw a seven-inning no-hitter against the Ganghwa SSG on March 28. Rookie Kim Seo-hyun is also making his way back to the first team with three consecutive strong outings after making the switch. The team also has a number of triple-digit hitters, including Kim Gun (.381), Eui-yeol (.369), Kim Min-ki (.341), and Kwon Kwang-min (.329). Rookie shortstop Lee Min-joon has also continued to grow with his solid defense.

Hanwha Futures manager Kim Sung-gap, who took over the reins on May 12 after Choi Won-ho was named the first team manager, said, “They say the second team doesn’t matter, but it’s good to win and develop them. Then the atmosphere is good. These days, our players don’t feel like losing,” he said, adding, “Baseball is played by players. The coaching staff has to create an atmosphere that brings out the best in the players. The coaches are working hard and communicating with the players, so the chemistry is good.”

“When Coach Choi Won-ho puts a player in good shape in the Futures, he puts them in the first team. It’s a good motivation for the players because they can play right away if they go to the first team.” Outfielder Lee Jin-young and infielder Lee Do-yoon, who started the season with the Futures but became mainstays after being called up to the first team, pitcher Joo Hyun-sang and infielder Kim In-hwan, who struggled in the first team but found stability after adjusting to the Futures, are also good role models for the players.

Hanwha Futures pitching coach Park Jung-jin, who assisted Choi Won-ho for three years from 2021, said, “Coach Choi has been with the Futures team for a long time (since 2020). Even after he was promoted to the first team, we continued with the same system. He emphasizes player physical management and conditioning, and for pitchers, we don’t play as much as possible, and we strictly follow the set number of pitches according to the player’s physical condition. I think the effect of such a well-established system is showing in the results.”

“At first, when Coach Choi came, I was very surprised, and it was refreshing to think, ‘There is something like this. It took time for the system to settle in, but now it’s well established and the players have absorbed it. We’ve had a lot fewer injuries, and the players are playing in good shape and in a good mood.”

“I jokingly tell the players, ‘If you guys are focused, you can win the whole game. It’s good to win in training. The more often you win, the less stressful it is for the players. It’s time for this team to stop losing. If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll be better next year and the year after.”

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