“We have to defend to survive” Happy thoughts from #2 Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis is in a happy dilemma after winning the second overall pick.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis won the second overall pick in the 2023 KBL Rookie Draft Ranking Lottery on Thursday at the KBL Center’s 5th floor training room in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. The team, which had a 12 percent chance of being selected after reaching the sixth-round playoffs last season, was the second team to have its name on the ball after Suwon KT.

Moon Jung-hyun, Park Mubin (Korea University), and Yoo Yoo-sang (Yonsei University) are considered the BIG3 in this draft. According to on-site observers, Moon is likely to be the first pick. If KT takes Moon, as expected, Hyundai Mobis can choose between Park Mubin and Yoo Yoo-sang.

Park and Yoo have different styles. Park has clear strengths in offense, such as using his speed to break through. He’s also improved his outside shot, which has been criticized as a weakness. Yoo Yoo-sang is a shooter with a strong three-point shot. His excellent defense also adds to his value.

However, even if one of these players comes to Hyundai Mobis, it is not easy for them to be put into practice immediately. There are plenty of guards who can play the role of ball-handler, such as Signe Jin, Kim Tae-wan, Kim Ji-wan, and Kim Hyun-soo. They also have shooters like Kim Kook-chan and Shin Min-seok. However, the team is expected to exercise the right of first refusal after happy deliberation as the military issues of young players such as Son Seung-jin, Kim Tae-wan, and Shin Min-seok have not been resolved.

Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun said in a phone conversation with this publication, “Both Park Mubin and Yoo Yoo-sang have their pros and cons. It depends on their utilization. I need to share my opinion with coaches who have watched them more. We will think about it and decide from now on.”

Defense is the most important thing for Hyundai Mobis. The team has emphasized defense since the days of dynasty-building coach Yoo Jae-hak, and even after Cho Dong-hyun took the helm, the team’s colors are defense and fastball.

“I want to see more defense,” says Cho Dong-hyun, “It’s not like rookies can come in and be the main offensive option right away, so they have to have a good foundation in defense. You have to be able to play defense to survive in the pros.”카지노

Hyundai Mobis previously drafted Jung Hoon in 2002 and Kim Hyo-beom in 2005 as the No. 2 rookie. The result will be known at the 2023 KBL Rookie Draft, which is scheduled to take place on May 21 at Jamsil Student Gymnasium.

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