“We’ll lose to China, India…but target is three golds” Shooting team ‘determined’ ahead of AGs

The Korean shooting team is gearing up for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. They’ve set their sights on three gold medals, but they’re also looking beyond that. They have to overcome the barriers of China and India. They are fired up.먹튀검증

The Korean Shooting Federation held a media day for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games shooting team at the Changwon Shooting Range on Friday. Head coach Hong Seung-pyo was in attendance, along with Kim Bomi, Song Jong-ho (pistol), Lee Eun-seo (rifle), and Lee Jung-jin (running target).

A total of 35 athletes will compete in 30 events at the Asian Games. The women’s air rifle will begin on September 24 and the women’s trap will be the final event on October 1.

General Manager Hong Seung-pyo said, “We finished the selection process for the Asian Games in April. We moved into the Athletes’ Village as soon as it ended. We prepared for the Asian Games by competing in domestic and international competitions. Although we did not win a gold medal at the recently concluded World Championships, it was an opportunity to check the performance of Asian countries in preparation for the Asian Games.”

Kim Bomi, a member of the Asian Games shooting team, listens to questions from the media during a media day at the Changwon International Shooting Range in Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongnam, on Friday afternoon. Photo | Changwon=Yonhap

“China and India are shooting powerhouses. We were outclassed by them. We are betting on the individual competition rather than the team competition. We are starting from a zero base for the final. There are a lot of variables. We’ll see how we fare in the final after qualifying,” he added.

A federation official said, “At the Asian Games, Korea has been the overall runner-up in shooting. China is one of the strongest countries in the world. India’s performance and records have skyrocketed in the last three to four years. The key is to finish second overall. We are training hard.”

Hong Seung-pyo, head coach, said, “Our target is three gold medals. We won three at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. We are focusing on individual events. We’re thinking about Jung Jeong-jin in the 10-meter running target, Lee Eun-seo in the rifle three position, and Song Jong-ho in the 25-meter rapid fire, as well as the team.”

Kim Bomi (25-IBK), who is competing in the 10-meter air pistol, said, “I’m training with the idea of focusing on the present. My goal is to reach the medal round. I’m determined to perform better than I did at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and medals will follow,” she said.

“Physical training is very important. The closer we get, the more we focus on basic fitness training. One of the skills of shooting a gun is unnatural. I’m focusing on making it natural.”

At the Tokyo Olympics, he finished 24th. It was a disappointment. Kim knows it. “It couldn’t have been worse. On the contrary, it gave me confidence. I had a really good experience. I’m in much better shape now. I’ll get over it,” she said.

She is also thinking about the fact that the tournament will be held in China. He even had an idea. “I experienced the World Cup in Beijing once. I didn’t have the noise problem I thought I would. The Asian Games could be different. I’m thinking about practicing to Chinese music. If everyone agrees, we will train with it on the speakers,” he said.

Song Jong-ho (33-IBK), who will compete in the 25-meter rapid-fire pistol, said, “This is my third Asian Games. In the first one, I won gold in the team event. The second time, I failed to make the final. This time, we are working hard to prepare based on what we have done,” he said with a smile.

“I think Korea has an advantage over China. Personally, I want to win both the individual and team titles. In the end, mental strength is the most important thing. I’ve failed more than anyone else, and I’ve experienced it. I’ve been through the ups and downs. I will not miss the opportunity,” he emphasized.

He tasted failure at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I was disqualified for not being fast enough. It was a shock. “My bullet velocity had to be over 250 meters per second, but it was 220 meters per second. “When you shoot a lot in the hot summer, the gun deforms. I didn’t recognize it. Later, the gun company came and helped me manage it. I learned a lot,” he explains.

Lee Eun-seo (30, Seosan City Hall), who will compete in the 10m air rifle and 50m rifle three positions, said, “I don’t prepare anything special. I have a good feeling these days. I’m training well and maintaining it. The goal is definitely gold. I hope to compete calmly and show what I have been practicing,” she said of her preparations.

“I’m competing in two events. I hope to win both. Personally, I am more confident in the 50m 3 position. I think I have a good chance of winning a medal in that event,” he added.

“I’ve been reading books by athletes like Kim Yeon-ah and Son Heung-min, and I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from how they overcame difficulties. This is my first major competition. It was a tough situation, but seeing how they overcame it, I tried harder. It was helpful.”

Running Target Team member Jung Jeong-jin (40, Cheongju) said, “I trained hard during the training camp at Jincheon Athletes’ Village. I am preparing hard with my teammates. The goal is to win all the events. We are aiming for a second consecutive title. I’m greedy,” she laughed.

There were tough times. When the running target event was excluded from the national championships, she lost her team. When the sport was reinstated, he joined the Cheongju City government.

“It was like 2011,” Jung said. I worked for a company that sold firearms for about six years. Then I came back to Cheongju City Hall and have been working out ever since. It was hard, but I have a simple side. I thought, ‘If I work hard, my sport will be revitalized,’ and that’s what I did,” she recalled.

Still, she has been a podium finisher at three consecutive Asian Games Running Targets. She won bronze in Guangzhou 2010 and Incheon 2014, and gold in Jakarta-Palembang 2018.

“I think it’s right to shoot with a certain amount of pressure,” Jung said. I’m trying not to be greedy. If I do that, I think good results will come out,” she said calmly.

The athletes, who are currently training out of town at the Changwon Shooting Range, will participate in the 32nd National Police Chiefs National Shooting Competition in Changwon from Aug. 8 to 14, and then depart for Hangzhou on Aug. 20.

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