What if Mickelson leaves LIV Golf? Must pay more than 1 trillion won in penalty

The LIV Golf Invitational Series (LIV Golf), sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF), recruited a large number of star players from the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour with astronomical money.

Many players have moved to LIV golf, including players who have won major championships, such as Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Patrick Reed (above USA). They have been permanently banned from the PGA Tour and can no longer participate in PGA Tour-sponsored tournaments.

Most of them were players who risked permanent expulsion and pursued money, but if they left LIV Golf, it turned out that they had to pay a large amount of money as a penalty.

According to Sports Illustrated (SI), an American sports media outlet, on the 30th (Korean time), according to the contracts of the players transferred to LIV Golf, if they leave the tour, they must pay 2-4 times the down payment as a penalty.

It was found that the higher the contract fee, the higher the penalty. In the case of Mickelson, who is known to have received 200 million dollars (261 billion won) as a down payment, he has to return up to 800 million dollars (1.44 trillion won) to leave LIV Golf. It is known that star players from LIV usually receive contract payments of around 100 million dollars (130 billion won).토토사이트

SI also added that LIV Golf’s contract includes a clause requiring players to participate in 10 to 14 tournaments a year. In other words, while attracting players with a huge amount of money, they also inserted a penalty and a proviso clause appropriate for it.

Meanwhile, Mickelson is expected to compete in the season’s first major Masters tournament, which opens on April 6. This tournament is hosted and supervised by Augusta National Golf Club, not the PGA Tour, so qualified LIV golf players can also participate.

Mickelson, who reached the top three times in the Masters, gave up last year, but showed his will to participate this year and visited Augusta National Golf Club last weekend for a practice round. If Mickelson competes in this tournament, it will be his 30th Masters appearance in his personal career. 18 players from LIV Golf are scheduled to participate in this event.

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