Why do we say ‘Planche’

Planche is called the flower of bare body exercise. That’s because it’s hard to get the exact action. The basic posture of planche is to keep the body parallel to the floor with the arms extended. Simply put, it is a form of lifting the back foot in a push-up position.

Planche is written as ‘planche’ in English. The word originally comes from the same alphabetic word meaning board or board in French. It was derived from the ancient Greek ‘φάλαγξ’ and the Latin word ‘phalanga’. The reason why the word planche was used in gymnastics is presumed to be because this movement looks like a wide plank.

Planche is one of the postures enjoyed by bodyweight exercise practitioners along with muscle-up and lever movements. This is a difficult move for normal people to do. Investing time and practicing consistently will allow you to perform this movement smoothly. As it is a high-intensity exercise, performing it itself is quite burdensome, and doing it wrong can result in injury.

Since this is a movement that puts 먹튀검증a lot of pressure on the shoulders and wrists, it is necessary to loosen the shoulders and wrists through sufficient stretching beforehand. In particular, it is important to tilt the body using body balance and muscle coordination to move the center of gravity forward so that the body naturally falls off the ground.
The planche has several postures. The tuck planche is a position where the knees are facing the ground. A straddle planche is an action performed with the legs apart. Finger planche refers to a posture in which only the fingers are supported. One arm planche is a movement performed with only one arm. A dead planche means a posture of leaning as much as possible in the direction of the arms. The planche press is a training exercise in which the body is raised enough to assume a handstand position without bending the arms and then returns to the plance, which is mainly seen in artistic gymnastics ring events.

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