“Why do you get paid to play baseball, which you love?” A question from a legend to 130 newcomers

 Newcomers who will lead the future of KBO have gathered in one place for the first time in three years.

The 2023 KBO rookie orientation was held at the Daejeon Convention Center on the 12th. In the aftermath of Corona 19, the event has been replaced by online education for the past two years. A total of 130 people, including new players and foster players, attended this face-to-face training for the first time in three years.

Heo Gu-yeon, president of the KBO, delivered congratulations and good wishes in his greeting and said, “You can become a successful player only if you win the battle against yourself. At this moment, depending on how you think at the starting point, the difference is bound to widen.” There is nothing,” he said, referring to the case of former manager Lee Man-soo. President Heo explained, “Lee Man-soo, who started baseball in the second year of middle school, overcame the handicap with thorough self-management and ceaseless efforts, saying, ‘I will sleep only 5 hours as I started later than others.'” In the end, he emphasized the right attitude as a professional baseball player, saying, “A player who is only good at baseball is not welcome. You have to have a sense of duty as much as applause. Let’s not disappoint those around him with a fan first and correct attitude.”

‘Legendary’ KBS N commentator Park Yong-taek, who gave a lecture on ‘Meeting with Seniors’, said, “From the moment I entered the professional league, everything is my responsibility.” There are fans. There is no player greater than the team, and there is no team greater than the fans.” Commissioner Park, who gave a lecture on ‘management’ as a professional baseball player, passed on the know-how of “body management, people management, mental management, money management” with specific examples.

In the afternoon lecture, MBC Sports Plus announcer Park Ji-young delivered media interviews and fan service lectures on how to properly respond to media and how to interview as a professional athlete who is often exposed to media. Announcer Park mentioned the value and meaning of fans and tips for effective fan service that fit the era of ‘Fan First’. 먹튀검증

Prosecutor Son Young-bae of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office continued education on the prohibition of cheating and sports ethics, which contains contents that can block and prevent cheating and damage to dignity in advance. Chief Prosecutor Son emphasized, “It is an obvious crime to damage one’s body to evade military service and respond to a broker who asks for money. In this case, the player’s life is over.” Regarding match-fixing, Prosecutor Sohn advised, “You must never respond to match-fixing suggestions or unreasonable demands to lose. Even if you do not receive money or a result different from your intention, a crime is constituted.”

KBO Auditor Kim Woo-jung gave a lecture on financial management, which includes appropriate salary management plans such as savings, deposits, and installment savings, and conducted training. The schedule of the KBO rookie orientation came to an end after the presentation of the players’ pension.

Kim Seo-Hyun, the Hanwha pitcher with the first overall pick in the rookie draft, said, “I learned how important Commissioner Park Yong-taek’s tips for escaping from a slump, announcer Park Ji-young’s tips for interviewing, and fan service are so important. I think these are good things to keep in mind while playing baseball.” told LG 1st rounder catcher Kim Bum-seok said, “I deeply cared for President Huh Gu-yeon’s advice, and I think everything that senior Park Yong-taek said will be a meaningful time for us when we grow up later.”

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