Why Kyung Hee University’s Ahn Sejun is encouraged by 2023, a quantum leap in ‘3-point attempts’

Ahn Se-joon (196 cm, F) has seen a noticeable increase in his three-point attempts.

Kyung Hee University defeated Hanyang University 60-48 in a men’s college game in the regular season of the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League on Nov. 24 at Olympic Gymnasium on Hanyang University’s Seoul campus. With five wins and five losses, Kyung Hee University is tied for fifth place with Hanyang University-Myungji. Half a game behind fourth-place Dankook University (5 wins, 4 losses).

Kyung Hee University lost all four games after opening the season. However, they have only lost once in their last six games. After having to worry about missing out on the playoffs, Kyung Hee University is now within striking distance of the playoffs. With their current form, a playoff berth is quite possible.

Kyung Hee University’s best performer was Woo Sang-hyun (189 cm, G). Woo made the most 3-pointers of any player on either team with 17 points, 8 rebounds (2 offensive), 4 assists, and 1 steal. He also led the team in points, rebounds, and assists.

However, if you were to pick a Kyung Hee player who had the best fourth quarter, it might not be Woo Sang-hyun. Ahn scored eight points in the fourth quarter alone, including two three-pointers. Ahn’s points in the fourth quarter were the most by any player on either team in the fourth quarter. It was three more points than Hanyang University’s fourth quarter (five).메이저사이트

Ahn is a left-handed player with good physicality and speed. Along with freshman Kim Soo-oh (200 cm, F), he provides height for Kyung Hee University. They fill the gap left by the departures of Lee Issung (graduation) and In Seung-chan (Wonju DB).

However, Ahn’s attacking areas and options are limited. To be more specific, breakaways and scoring in the paint zone are Ahn’s few strengths. Kyung Hee University head coach Kim Hyun-guk said, “(Ahn) Se-joon is playing the 4 right now. But next year, he should switch to forward. In fact, if he has a little bit of speed, I would like to develop him into a No. 3 who plays with (Kim) Suo.” He emphasized the importance of Ahn’s growth direction.

As much as Kyung Hee University head coach Kim Hyun-guk thinks so, Ahn Se-joon is also focused on growth. Ahn’s 3-point stats are proof of his desire to grow. After attempting only two threes in the 2022 KUSF College Basketball U-League, Ahn has attempted 27 threes in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League. Even if his success rate is only around 27.6%, the fact that he’s taking them at all is encouraging.

Ahn attempted five three-pointers against Hanyang, and while he didn’t make a single one until the third quarter, he hit two in the fourth quarter game-winner. He could tell if he was successful or not because he threw it up, and he could tell if he was successful because he threw it up.

“We practiced shooting in the morning on the day of the game,” said Kyung Hee University head coach Kim Hyun-guk. We practiced shooting in the morning on the day of the game, and it took too much strength in the whole body, so we tried to get them to use their legs, and at the end of the game against Hanyang, they made two. It had a big impact on the game.” He was encouraged by Ahn’s game-winning three and his different shooting stance.

Even big men over 2 meters tall need to be able to move outside the 3-point line. You need to be able to shoot the three, but you also need to be able to penetrate. That’s why the long resources or big men who used to work only in the paint zone are increasing their shooting distance. They’re also increasing their speed.

As mentioned above, Ahn, who is less than 2 meters tall, needs to have a wider range of motion and more options. Therefore, he needs to shoot a lot of threes. The more successful he is at shooting from the rim and from a distance, the more he will have the ability to play both small forward and power forward.

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