Will A-match be held in Busan in June? ‘Damaged lawn/open roof’ variable

With Busan emerging as the host city for the national football team A match in June, it is known that the stadium lawn and open roof are variables.

According to the Korea Football Association on the 11th, Busan has applied for an A match against Peru scheduled for June 16th.

The association’s working-level staff has already visited the Busan Asiad Main Stadium and completed an on-site inspection, and discussed with city officials.

Initially, the Peru game was highly likely to be held in Seoul, but as the city of Busan, which is hosting the 2030 World Expo (Expo), actively attracted A-match, the association also put Busan as a priority candidate.

However, two variables need to be addressed.

The first is the stadium grass. The 29th Dream Concert will be held on the 27th at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium. If a large number of people visit the stadium, there is a risk that the turf will be damaged.

Busan also hosted an A match against Chile in September 2018, but withdrew due to serious damage to the grass at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

At that time, a concert was held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium two months before

Especially this time, it is very difficult to make the best grass condition as there is only about 15 days.

The association is also in the position that it is not easy to hold it unless it is a top-notch turf as it is a national team game.토스카지노

The roof of the stadium that was punctured must also be restored. Nine roofs of Busan Asiad Main Stadium were blown off during Typhoon Mysak in 2020, and it is still left unattended.

In case of rain, the corresponding seat fans may be exposed to rain, and the appearance is not good.

Meanwhile, while the location of the match against Peru is unclear, the A-match against El Salvador on June 20 is highly likely.

Daejeon City was the only one to apply for the bid, and the match is expected to be held at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium. Daejeon hosted an exhibition match against Chile on June 6 last year.

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