Wimarz, 15-point perfect queue that doesn’t get paid. Quarterfinals with Palazon, Jaedong Choi, and Inhyuk Jeon

B-Roll We Marz burst into a perfect cue. However, there was no prize money as Hwang Deuk-hee already took the prize money of 10 million won with the first perfect cue in the tournament. She had to be content with catching a ticket to the quarterfinals.

Wimaz hit 15 points at once with unstoppable shots in the 2nd inning attack in the 3rd set (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center) of the round of 32 of the ‘2023 PBA Championship’ against Shin Dae-kwon held on the 6th.

However, because it was the second perfect queue in the competition, the prize money was not even 1 won.

This is because the sponsor that gives the perfect cue prize money is giving the prize money to only the first person per tournament. If the prize money of the tournament where the perfect cue did not come out was carried forward, it could be received. There was no perfect cue in the previous competition.

With this perfect cue, WIMAZ won 3-0 and먹튀검증 advanced to the quarterfinals.

Wimaz, who reached 13 points with misses, side turns, and back turns, called a timeout. The ball could be side-turned and reverse-turned.

It was for breathing control rather than because it was difficult.

Wimaz, who took time to find his way, hit a pull-back and scored 14 points.

The next ball is also not that difficult. When the 1st-purpose ball was thinly copied from the 1st-purpose ball attached to the left cushion, the ball rotated around and hit the 2nd-purpose ball embedded in the right corner.

Shin Dae-kwon, who missed the first and second sets at 13:15 and 14:15 due to a lack of deciding balls, but expected to hit 5 consecutive hits in one inning, laughed as if expecting a perfect match when Wi Mars scored the 14th.

Meanwhile, Palazon, Jeon In-hyuk, and Choi Jae-dong also advanced to the quarterfinals.

Palazon defeated Baek Chan-Hyun 3-2 at the end of a close match, Choi Jae-Dong defeated Jo Joon-Hwi 3-1, and Jeon In-Hyeok defeated Kim Kyeong-Oh 3-0.

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