Wind-resistant TOUR B golf ball recognized by the golf emperor, has already won 2 wins in Jeju alone

 Tiger Woods (47, USA), the emperor of golf, used Bridgestone Tour B golf balls and evaluated them as “strong against wind.”

The wind-resistant Tour B golf ball led to two wins in Jeju alone this year. Lee Ye-won (20, KB Financial Group), who won the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, the opening match of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, which ended on the 9th, and Jo Woo-young (22, Woori Financial Group), who won the professional championship at Ora CC on the 23rd as an amateur. Group) all used Tour B golf balls. 스포츠토토

The reason Tour B is strong against wind is because of Bridgestone’s patented dual dimple and hydro LS core. ‘Dual dimple’, which creates a new dimple within a dimple, is a structure that combines only the advantages of deep and shallow dimples. Deep dimples reduce air resistance, resulting in strong speed in headwinds, while shallow dimples increase ball lift and increase stable trajectory and flight distance.

The Hydro LS core suppresses spin by adding a small amount of water during the core manufacturing process and generates a strong repulsive force that cuts through the wind.

Thanks to this, following last year’s Ji Han-sol and Choi Jin-ho, this year in April alone, they achieved the splendid feat of winning two joint ventures. The difference in skill is evident depending on how players overcome various environments. In particular, amateurs can overcome unfavorable environments to some extent through the selection of equipment. In windy weather or terrain, it is important to choose a ball that is wind resistant and reduces side spin.

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