With the pride of winning the first ‘Wire to Wire’… The SSG training ground doesn’t go out

 Won the first championship since its founding. It was also the first in the KBO League to win the ‘Wire to Wire’ championship by maintaining the top from the first game of the regular season to the moment the championship trophy was lifted. But there is no satisfaction. SSG Landers devotes themselves to training from early morning to late night for their second consecutive victory.

SSG organized the 2023 spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. Because the sky was blocked by Corona 19, I visited the training site in three years먹튀검증. Thanks to training in a warm area, I am preparing for the season efficiently without risk of injury.

The will of the players is great. Some people turn on the lights at the indoor training ground at 5 a.m. and start training in the morning. Some players voluntarily conduct reinforcement training even after the hard training that follows, and others continue night training until late at night to make up for the shortfall.

Manager Kim Won-hyeong said, “The training environment is satisfactory. I’ve been to training in other areas in the United States, but at that time, it was difficult to adjust the schedule because it was shared with major league clubs. I use it from noon to 9 p.m.”, expressing satisfaction.

He said, “The indoor training ground is amazing. I leave the night training to my own discretion, but young players are coming out and training,” he said, adding that the team is working hard to prepare for the season.

Jeon Eui-san, who is preparing to become a SSG giant first baseman, also trains day and night. He testified, “All the players are working hard. First, the young players train at night, and then the seniors follow suit.”

Then, he said, “I’m roommates with senior Choi Joo-hwan. I work out first, and senior Choi Joo-hwan goes to the training ground. We train for about two hours. Then, after washing up, we go to sleep. Everyone works really hard.”

The reason why the players are eager to train is because they want to achieve a second consecutive victory. The same goes for the Command Tower. Keeping in mind the pride of winning the historic championship last season, we will take on the challenge again. Manager Kim said, “I won the championship last year. I am proud of the players as well as I am. It seems that the sense of responsibility has increased,” and promised to accelerate preparations for the season.

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