Woo Sang-hyeok of ‘Smile Jumper’ wins silver medal at IA Athletics Championships

‘Smile Jumper’ Woo Sang-hyeok (27) won a silver medal in his first competition this year.

On the night of the 12th (Korean time), Woo Sang-hyuk took second place with 2m24 in the men’s high jump final at the 10th Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The gold medal was카지노 won by Akamatsu Ryoichi (Japan) who recorded 2m28.

Woo Sang-hyeok’s record of 2m24 on that day is far behind his own record of 2m36. He achieved the achievement of a silver medal, but only the result is a somewhat disappointing result considering his skills. In particular, it is all the more regrettable considering that in the preliminary round held the previous day, they tied for first place over 2m14 with just one jump. In particular, Mutaz Esa Bashim (Qatar), who is regarded as the world’s strongest and rival of Woo Sang-hyeok, did not participate in this tournament.

In the final, Woo Sang-hyeok easily succeeded in the first round of 2m15. The following 2m20 and 2m24 were also easily crossed in the first round, increasing the chances of winning.

However, after failing in the 2m28 first period, he passed the second period and immediately challenged the 2m30. This is because Akamatsu succeeded in 2m28 in the second round and had to overcome at least 2m30 to be able to win alone. As a result, Woo Sang-hyeok failed in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds of 2m30 and took second place after Akamatsu.

Woo Sang-hyeok is aiming for the gold medal at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary in August and the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September. Next year, the 2024 Paris Olympics will also be held.

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