Woori Bank caught both rabbits: rotation and victory

Woori Bank, which took an even rotation, won the game.

Asan Woori Bank met Yongin Samsung Life Insurance in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th and won 72-59.

Woori Bank recruited Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F) to win this offseason. The effect was enormous. Woori Bank met Busan BNK from the opening game and won by 25 points. The second game of the season was also won by 18 points. After that, he won the third match and recorded 3 consecutive wins since the opening. Although they lost 74-85 to Samsung Life in Yongin, the fourth game of the season, Woori Bank’s solo run began after that.

They won all their remaining games in the first half and recorded a 13-game winning streak. Woori Bank recorded 16 wins and 1 loss in the first half.

However, it faltered slightly in the second half. After the All-Star break, Choi Yi-sam (182cm, F) and Park Hye-jin (179cm, G) missed due to injuries. After that, he returned, but his performance was not the same as in the first half. As a result, they suffered their first consecutive loss of the season. However, they recently raised the mood again and recorded a winning streak. In particular, they won the last BNK match and confirmed the regular season championship.

This game was the first game after winning the regular season. Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Lee, whom we met before the game, said, “There are players who need to increase their pace, and we are thinking about how to manage the game. Danbi Kim and Kim Jong-un are trying to reduce their playing time. (Park) I will let Hyejin run until she finds her pace. Noh-hyeon should run even better now. He needs to raise his senses to prepare for the playoffs. He is thinking of many things,” he said. “But it is not a situation where all players can be suddenly removed. He can’t help but worry about his senses,” he said, expressing his concerns.

Woori Bank put forward Park Ji-hyeon (183cm, G), Choi Yi-sam, Park Hye-jin, Na Yoon-jeong (172cm, G), and Go Ara (180cm, F) as starters. In addition, Noh Hyun-ji (176cm, F) also participated 5 minutes and 2 seconds before the end of the quarter. Danbi Kim and Kim Jong-un (178cm, F) did not appear in the first quarter. It was Wie who hired various players. Nevertheless, Park Ji-hyun’s performance gave Woori Bank the upper hand.

In the second quarter, Woori Bank also used a rotation. Park Ji-hyun was left out, and Kim Dan-bi and Kim Jong-un entered. However, the highest scorer was Noh Hyun-ji. He scored 11 points alone. In particular, he scored the first 5 points at the start of the quarter with his own hands, and Noh Hyun-ji was responsible for the final score of the quarter. As a result, Woori Bank finished the first half with a score of 39-24.

The starting members of Woori Bank’s 3rd quarter were Park Da-jung (172cm, F), Go Ara, Park Hye-jin, Park Ji-hyun, and Choi Yi-sam. I took a member composition different from the existing ones. Although it was pushed back in the early and middle quarters, the score gap widened again thanks to Park Hye-jin’s performance in the second half of the quarter. At one time, they were chased by 8 points, but with Park Hye-jin’s performance, they made 카지노a 15-point difference again.

And in the 4th quarter, Kim Jong-un and Kim Dan-bi’s performance clearly widened the score gap. Woori Bank, which created enough room, put in Lee Jae-won (171cm, G) and Park Da-jung 2 minutes and 32 seconds before the end of the game. It was Woori Bank who took victory against Samsung Life Insurance, the second-place team, despite using such a variety of players.

On this day, Woori Bank had 9 players running even excluding garbage time. Choi Yi-sam and Park Hye-jin were the only ones who played more than 30 minutes, and Noh Hyun-ji played 28 minutes. In addition, Go Ara also played 23 minutes. Park Ji-hyun, the main player, played 20 minutes, Kim Dan-bi 17 minutes, and Kim Jong-un 13 minutes. What was meaningful was that Noh Hyun-ji, who played 28 minutes, scored 14 points, the highest score of the season. Other rotation players also entered the court and played their part, which led to the team’s victory.

In response, coach Wi said in an interview after the game, “I plan to play like this for about 3 games no matter who I play with. Originally, (Park) Hyejin and (Choi) Sam Lee were also going to play more, but the difference in score widened, so they ran relatively little.”

And “(Noh) Hyunji did well today. This is the bench score. The locals will not continue to do this. (Laughter) Still, it’s easier to operate the bench when it comes out like this. I hope we can turn to each other and play our roles well. At times like this, (Kim) Danbi and (Kim) Jeongeun can save their stamina,” he added.

On this day, Woori Bank caught both the rabbits of victory and rotation. In particular, Noh Hyun-ji recovered his confidence by scoring the most points in the season. The key is that these activities must continue. If Woori Bank’s bench players play their part for the rest of the season, as they did in today’s game, coach Wie’s worries will be reduced.

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