‘World Cup Impression’ to WBC ‥ “Die or faint”

The miracle of Doha achieved with an ‘unbreakable heart’, I guess the impression was not unique to the soccer team.

KBO League players who will go to the WBC in March next year are also preparing for another miracle and excitement.

This is reporter Kim Soo-geun.

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The Taegeuk Warriors reached the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years with a dramatic come-from-behind victory at the threshold of elimination.

The process and results that became a hot topic were also a great stimulus to the KBO league players.

In March next year, the players who will wear the Taegeuk mark on their chests at the WBC, the world’s best baseball tournament, felt like they were playing together.

[Lee Jung-hoo/Kiwoom]
“As an athlete, I was a bit moved, and I thought it was really cool. To be honest, the moment I put on a uniform with the Taegeuk mark on it, it’s a bit different. My fighting ability also changes a bit.”

He once showed off the might of Korean baseball by planting the national flag in the United States, the home of baseball, one after another, but in the recent two tournaments, he failed to pass even the first round with less than expected results.

On top of that, I am confident that this time will be different as I went through the humiliation of winning a no medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

[Ko Woo-seok/LG]
“I believe that our baseball team will be able to show the impression that the soccer team showed…”

Eui-ji Yang, who is still the number one catcher five years ago, promised to fight.

[Yang Eui-ji/Doosan]
“The national team is always responsible. If I really go, I want to do very well this time. I think I will have to do my best to die or die.” 스포츠토토

Athletes dreaming of the first Taegeuk mark also pledged to fight without regret.

[Jeong Cheol-won/Doosan]
“If you call me for the sake of my country, first of all, I will devote my whole body to throwing it hard.”

[Kim Jae-woong/Kiwoom]
“I grew up watching the WBC and played baseball while watching my seniors perform so well, so it’s a place I want to go to…”

Ha-seong Kim, Ji-man Choi and even a Korean major leaguer are called in to restore their honor.

After confirming the final list in February next year, they will go through training in the US and enter Japan in March.

This is Kim Soo-geun from MBC News.

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