Wu Yibing becomes the first Chinese player to win the ATP Tour singles championship

After beating Isner of the United States, honorable

Wu Yibing (24, 58th in the world) wrote history as the first Chinese player to win the men’s professional tennis (ATP) tour singles championship.

On the 13th, at the ATP Tour Dallas Open singles final held in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., John Isner (38th, 37th) won a set score 2-1 (6-7<4-7>) after 2 hours and 59 minutes. 7-6<7-3> 7-6<14-12>).

Throughout the game, Wu Yi-bing struggled with Isner’s strong serve, which was 208 cm tall and had high RBI. Isner pulled out 44 sub-aces, while Wu Yi-bing only had 7. However, Wu Yi-bing put pressure on Isner with his concentration on receiving shots persistently with his physical superiority, and eventually won the championship after a bloody battle that went all the way to a tie-break in the second and third sets. In particular, 카지노he faced a championship point crisis in his serve game in the second set where he could have won Isner, but he calmly defended the game and induced a tie-break.

Prior to this tournament, the best singles performance by a Chinese male player on the ATP Tour was Fan Bing reaching the semifinals of the KAL Cup held in Seoul in 1995. He has never won a championship or even advanced to the finals.

In Chinese women’s tennis, Lina (41) has risen to the top in major tournaments such as the 2011 French Open and the 2014 Australian Open, and has consistently ranked players in the top 50 such as Zhu Lin (29th, 41st) and Zhang Shui (34th, 22nd). It is strong enough to discharge, but relatively in men’s tennis, it has not left such a mark.

Wu Yibing is a rookie player who advanced to the third round (Round of 32) by winning the men’s singles final at a major tournament in 63 years as a Chinese player at the US Open held in August and September of last year. In October of last year, he even visited Korea to participate in the Challenger tournament, a tournament that is one level lower than the ATP.

At the awards ceremony, Wu Yibing was delighted to say, “I have written a new history of tennis in China,” and said, “I am proud of myself and I am grateful to the fans who supported me today.”

With this victory, Wu Yibing’s world ranking rose from 97th to 58th. It is a personal best record.

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