Yoon Tae-young meets No. 1 Russian team, “I felt more comfortable after watching his video”

“I felt more comfortable after watching their video,” says Yoon Tae-young against Russia’s No. 1 team

‘Hwang In-soo Sniper’ Yoon Tae-young (27-Team Ducking, Jeju) was confident against the No. 1 team from Russia.

Yoon will face Russia’s Artur Solovyev (29-MFP) in the lightweight division of the Road FC Global Tournament on April 24.

Lords FC will host the Wonju MMA Sports Festival in conjunction with the Korea Combat Sports Organization (KFSO) at the Wonju General Gymnasium for two days from April 24 to 25. On the first day, the professional tournament, ROAD FC 064 Gupne, will be held, and on the second day, the amateur tournament, Martial Arts Festival, will be held.안전놀이터

On the first day, Gupne ROAD FC 064 will kick off with a quarterfinal tournament in two weight classes: bantamweight (-63kg) and lightweight (-70kg). The winners will advance to the quarterfinals in Anyang in August.

Tae-young Yoon and Artur Solovyev, who will meet for a spot in the quarterfinals of the lightweight tournament, are both ‘well rounders’. Yoon is riding a five-fight winning streak and has recently garnered a lot of attention as he has emerged as the favorite of LOGO FC Middleweight Champion Hwang In-soo (29, FREE).

“I found and watched a few of his fights, and he has a very cautious style,” Yoon said of Solovyev, “He’s cautious rather than barging in, and he doesn’t fight with you unless it’s in the flow.” “I think I’ll be more comfortable with him,” she said.

Yoon suffered an injury crisis while sparring on the tournament’s seeded fighting audition program, “Gaohua’s Scouter.” “I think I’ll be lacking a lot of physical strength this time,” he said, “I haven’t worked out much, so I’m a little bit nervous about it. “I’ve been watching videos of my opponent’s matches and I feel much more comfortable,” he said.

Solovyev is no slouch either. He is the No. 1 ranked lightweight in Russia’s MFP organization. He is currently on a two-fight winning streak and is notoriously the No. 1 target for fighters in the MFP organization.

Solovyev is confident in his chances against Yoon. “He’s a very strong player,” he said of Yoon, “he’s a striking-based player, he’s tall and left-handed.” “He moves well on his feet and has long arms, but for me it’s nothing special,” he relaxed.

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