You thought it was over? European Super League surprise announcement of new launch plans

The Super League is not over.

The British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 9th (Korean time) that “the new look of the European Super League can include up to 80 teams.”

The Super League attempted to launch in 2021. It tried to run a new type of league centered on the big clubs in Europe. However, the plan was canceled due to opposition from various organizations and fans. Now, the Super League is 토토사이트preparing to launch once again with a more elaborate plan.

Bernd Reichardt, CEO of ‘A22’, which is leading the launch of the Super League, recently announced plans for a new Super League. Up to 80 teams participate and each team is guaranteed a minimum of 14 matches. The new Super League will be based solely on performance, with no permanent members.

“The foundations of European football are in danger of collapsing. It’s time for change. In football, it is the club that bears the corporate risk. But too often they stand by as their sporting and financial foundations crumble before important decisions.”

“Our conversations have been open, honest and constructive. We got a clear idea of ​​what changes are needed and how they can be implemented. There is still a lot of work to do and we will continue the conversation.”

Upon hearing the news, the La Liga Secretariat said, “It is disguised as an open and meritocratic competition, but behind it is a selfish, elitist and greedy project. Don’t be fooled by their stories.”

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